Ornamental Pomegranate

Ornamental Pomegranate
Ornamental Pomegranate

Description: The Pomegranate is revered to be a very popular and admired tree in bonsai for both its flowering and fruiting qualities. It is an excellent choice because of its finer leaves. The pomegranate has stunning yellow-orange trumpet-style flowers and has excellent characteristics. Its leaves are dark green with tinges of bronze and after flowering the tree produces beautiful golf-ball sized fruits.

Styles suitable for Pomegranate: Informal upright, literati, windswept, forest setting, cascade and root over rock style.

Watering: This variety needs to be kept damp at all times, morning sun is recommended and for better flowering the tree should be slightly dry before mid-season. Keep sheltered from frost and drying winds.

Pomegranate trees adapt to be slightly pot bound and like water, so make sure that you have a good free-draining mix, I recommend 1 part Akadama to one part Debco bonsai mix, for the younger trees you can use pure Akadama and supplement with a liquid fertilizer. A good one is 15 mls of Maxicrop to 15 mls of Nitrosol to 2 litres of water. An alternative could be Bio-Gold. One cup full per tree once weekly the day after watering from the first week in August until the last week in March, then normal watering. Peter Adams has put out a good book called �The Art of Flowering Bonsai�.

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